Discover Farms is designed to give your toddler (ages 2 to 4) hours of fun and entertainment with a little bit of education thrown in for good measure.

It was initially developed for our own child and has been kid tested. We found him returning to the game frequently and the smiles, laughs, and looks of satisfaction have made the development of the game very satisfying. We have polished up the application to make it available to everyone.

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The cheers, laughs, and voices of other young family members included in the game, along with a combination of child and adult voices, adds variability to the game which increases a child’s attention span. Toddlers love repetition and obtain great pleasure from moving the animals around. The squeals and excitement when the bee sporadically and randomly crosses the screen combined with the look of accomplishment when they realize the bee can be made to “boing” when tracked down and touched is very gratifying (and then there is the villain that randomly appears).

The game has a simple menu which progresses automatically from one scene to another after the required activities have been completed. It consists of three games in Game Time and a creative play area in Play Time. Each screen contains an information button with simple spoken instructions.


The games are designed to introduce the toddler to the basic functions of the touch screen on the iPad including touch and drag, tapping, a simple menu, the information icon, and the back arrow. The games foster the development of the following skills in a fun and entertaining way:

-touch screen basics

-fine motor skills -matching



-visual scanning

-vocabulary and language


The creative area or “Play time” is intended as a fun area where toddlers can use their own imagination to manipulate the farm scene in front of them. In addition some basic educational facts about each animal are spoken randomly.